Refund Policy



(Version Date: May 1, 2019)

HOUSEFAX REPORT PROTECTION POLICY All purchasers of a paid HouseFax Report (each a “Buyer”) are eligible for a refund of all or a portion of fees paid for such report or for a replacement report if the purchase does not fall within an exclusion or coverage limitation covered by this policy. 

As a Buyer, you are eligible and may open a case under the HouseFax Report Protection Policy when all of the following are true:
• You purchased and paid for a HouseFax Report from the Site within the prior 14-day period. 
• You paid for the HouseFax Report item in full.
• The Report contains data on the wrong residential property, is materially incomplete based on publicly available information, or is rendered in an unusable format (each an “Error”).
• You have not initiated another form of resolution processing, including credit card charge-backs (if you paid by credit card) or similar process for other payment methods.

To take advantage of the HouseFax Report Protection Policy, contact HouseFax at and provide sufficient information for HouseFax to review the case and make a final decision. In certain limited circumstances, HouseFax reserves the right to open a case on your behalf as a Buyer. You, as a Buyer of a report, permit us to make a final decision, at our sole discretion, on any case opened under the HouseFax Report Protection Policy.

If HouseFax determines that the Report in question has an error, as part of any issue resolution under the HouseFax Report Protection Policy, the following may occur:
• HouseFax may agree to refund up to the full cost of the report.
• HouseFax may agree to provide you with a replacement report at no charge to you.
• HouseFax may respond that the report was complete and not eligible for this policy.

Please note that the HouseFax Report Protection Policy applies only with respect to errors and is not a product warranty of any kind or a solution for receipt of a negative report on any residential property (the report was as described in the Site but the Buyer no longer wants information on the residential property regardless of the reason) or inaccurate information reported by any reporting party. If you believe you have been the victim of fraudulent charges to a credit card or other payment method, please contact the credit card or other payment processing company as these charges are not covered by this policy.