Top 5 Strategies to Acquire More Real Estate Buyer Leads


Generating quality real estate buyer leads is a great way to close your deals and make profits as a solo agent or a company.

Moreover, specializing in buyer leads sets you apart from other agents focusing on seller leads. Below are some strategies to you bring in qualified buyer leads to boost your real estate business.

Host an open house

Besides nosy neighbors, who comes to an open house? Buyers!

Hosting an open house is a wise way to exhibit your listings when you are looking to connect with more buyers. By hosting an open house event, you’re not only promoting the property listing, but you’re also marketing your brand within a close circle of your target audience.

You should introduce yourself and your company to every potential buyer and gather their contact information. Be sure to do follow-ups to see if they need help searching for their dream home.

What can you do if you don’t have any property listings to showcase at the moment? Attend an open house for fellow professionals in your regional ecosystem.

Networking never disappoints, and you can always walk away with some relevant prospects or leads.

Become a community expert

Populate your business website and social media channels with all the happenings in your local community.

For example, send out newsletters to all your contacts on your email subscribers list with details of all the recent local events, from college football games to the groundbreaking of a new public park.

Becoming a community expert helps you connect with local homebuyers. However, this isn’t a strategy that is going to bring in leads immediately.

Look to collaborate on an online community platform, a source of information of all the events happening in your regional proximity. Use such platform to create and nurture relationships with the most influential people in the market.

Consider your renter clients as future buyers

According to Statista, around 34% of the total US households are renters. The majority of people lease or rent first before buying a property, especially when they are new to an area.

Try to heavily market your business to this demographic, for example, sending branded brochures or business cards to apartment communities.

The purpose is to build a strong relationship with renters who might end up buying a property from you in the long run, given you’ve displayed quality service and professionalism in all your correspondences until then.

Buy real estate buyer leads

Remember, there’s no such thing as a free lead.

One way or the other, you’re going to pay for the leads you purchase, either through your time, effort, money, or in exchange for some other service.

Consult reliable websites selling real estate leads that allow you to pay for quality leads exclusive to you, alongside using other features like automated lead nurturing, automated listing marketing, lead conversion tracking, and more.

Capture leads with a landing page

Other than your business website, you can create aesthetically pleasing landing pages to produce leads by gathering the profiles and contact information of active property buyers and sellers in your locality.

Landing pages can be used in tandem with your ads or to attract and nurture leads registered through organic searches, email newsletters, social media, or referral marketing.

In addition to this, you can even create multiple landing pages for different buyers such as first time home buyers, new arrivals in the area, seasonal buyers, etc.

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