Hiring Pest Control Experts to Handle an Ant Infestation in Your Home

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Hiring Pest Control Experts to Handle an Ant Infestation in Your Home

Mountain Home is home to various types of ants, which evolved because of migration and transportation. If you are like many homeowners, you may want to know how to effectively eliminate ants from your home. Also, you may want to know when to contact a professional from Barrier Pest Control. 

As with other insects and pests are motivated by the urge to survive. They are usually motivated by what you may leave them as bait like leftover crumbs and spilled drinks. While ants may have built a colony elsewhere, they can still enter your house. But their colony may be closer to your house than you think.  This blog walks you through the various kinds of ants and when you should hire a pest control expert to handle an ant infestation:

Sugar Ants

While sugar ants are not harmful to humans, they can damage your plants when not controlled. They usually reside in wet environments that have lots of tropical vegetation to consume. As they forge for food they can find, they will settle down when they find a way inside. They tend to love rooms that have equipment and storage space.

Because of the small size of sugar ants, they resist any type of DIY ant control. To keep them from invading your home, pest control experts will employ preventative measures. 

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are easy to spot but painless to eliminate. They will bore into any type of wood. To eliminate these ants, pest control professionals get to the source of the issue. Using baits is usually not enough to get rid of a colony of carpenter ants. If these ants have damaged your property or your DIY methods are not effective, you must contact an expert. The longer these ants are left unchecked, the harder it will be to eradicate them.

Fire Ants

When there is a fire ants infestation, you should be able to see ant mounts and experience itchy, irritating bites. This type of ant is harmful to humans, so you will never want them on your property. 

Fire ants are easy to eliminate because they frequently move around. If you find them in your yard, they will find their way inside your house in no time through foundation gaps and open garbage cans. Instead of handling an infestation with fire ants, you should contact pest control experts to get the job done for you. These experts use effective ant control products and tools to eliminate an infestation.

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