Tips to Control Bed Bug Infestation

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Tips to Control Bed Bug Infestation

If you have ever had a bed bug infestation in your house, you might know how annoying it is. The moment you turn off the lights and get to bed for a good night’s sleep. These creatures come crawling into your sheets and start sucking your blood. Bed bug infestation is the most difficult of all the pests to get rid of as these tiny creatures like to hide in the corner that is not visible to human eyes.

Getting them under control with Pest Control is extremely important because if the bed bug infestation is not controlled, it could lead to their infestation, which can cause several health problems. Problems like skin rashes, allergic reactions, swellings, and in severe cases, can lead to rashes on the whole body.

Bed bugs are highly smart animals as they know how to hide in plain sight and are very well, and multiplying their number is a short span. A female bed bug can lay up to approximately 500 eggs in her lifetime, and it is no surprise that you might have your house infested in a couple of weeks until you start noticing them.

List of Things That You Can Do To Minimize Bed Bug Infestation.

  • Locate the Infested Areas

 Before starting any procedure to eliminate the infestation, finding where these bugs are coming from is essential. There are very high chances that once you find the origin from where these bigs are coming, you can control them there. Bed bugs tend to stay in groups and close to each other, so finding the origin will save you plenty of time. Bed Bugs hide under the sheets, beds, corners of the cupboard, corners of the walls, inside the clothes, and in any dark place. So make sure that you leave no place unturned.

  1. Isolate the Infested Area

Once you have found where these bugs are coming from, contain that area so they don’t spread across your house. Never try to kill or smash a bed bug when you find them. When smashed or killed, bed bugs release a nasty odor that attracts more bed bugs, and we certainly do not want that. One of the best ways to contain them is by spraying a pest control solution and directly submerging them into the water. This will ensure that the odor they release will not spread in the air, and they will die sooner or later because of the pest control solution.

  1. Wash your laundry with Warm Water.

Once you have cleared all the bugs manually from the hidden places, you need to wash your sheets and clothes with warm water, disinfectant, and cold water. This will ensure that any leftover larvae are washed off in the water, and your clothes will also be sanitized.

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